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DS Homebrew: FlashCart Helper v0.5.6

Need help with your FlashCarts? Then ron975’s got your back, thanks to his homebrewed utility, Flashcart Helper. Just a few days back, he came out with v0.5, and today, he amps it up by bringing it to version 0.5.6.     Basically, if this is your first time encountering the FlashCart Helper, what it does […]

Wii Homebrew: Morshu the MMMMMM v1

Morshu the MMMMMM v1 is blabla’s homebrewed action game for the Wii. Here, you play the character of Morshu from Link: Faces of Evil. This is just version 1, but already, the developre warns that this game “contains strong language!” And since it’s coming out in French apart from the English version, you might have […]

Wii homebrew

    The team behind the unofficial Wii port of the Yabause Sega Saturn emulator has released a new revision, r2649 beta23. This new release features the following changes:   adjust SDL audio driver for Wii fix vdp1 clipping show game filenames by outlined characters when the game has its setting some minor fixes and […]

Wii “home brew” hack questions.?

Question by coderX: Wii “home brew” hack questions.? So im going to use this hack: Basically its just loading an SD card with a hack and installing home brew channel on your wii. Now my question is can this channel play my backed up Wind Waker Game Cube game with out crashes or glitches? […]

Exploring the Advantages of Gaining Homebrew wii Set up an useful

Have you ever heard in regards to the Homebrew wii installation in the past? To the uninitiated this will appear like something totally unnecessary modification that geeks and techies make to their Nintendo wii console – but that isn’t in truth the case at all. Here’s the important truth: The Nintendo Wii is a wonderful […]

Wii homebrew

Homebrew devs Tantric and rodries has released a new version of WiiMC, a feature-packed, open source alternative media player for the Nintendo Wii.   Changelog: Synced to MPlayer r34002 New YouTube scraping code (thanks jhb50!) Fixed problem with some subtitles not appearing Added support for subtitles over FTP Added chunk support in HTTP protocol Added […]

Checking Benefits associated with Having Homebrew wii Put in an

Have you seen about the Homebrew wii installation in past times? To your uninitiated this can look like something totally unnecessary modification that geeks and techies make to their Nintendo wii gaming console – but that isn’t the case in the least. Here’s the genuine truth: The Psp 3000 is a wonderful machine and you’ll […]


Check out these Wii images: Homebrew’d! Image by doryexmachina Got my Wii running the Homebrew Channel via the Twilight Hack. Yay fun homebrewyness! day 34 Image by sarahluv i love my wii fit. not sure if a skirt is appropriate fitness gear though. Meet the Competition… PAD #1148 Image by BenSpark Allison is a bit […]

Online Ways On How To Unlock Wii Homebrew | HTML 5 and CSS 3 tips

Nintendo’s Wii gaming system is considered by many as one of the game consoles in the history of gaming that has revolutionized the way we play videogames. Since its release in 2006, gamers all around the world have become engrossed with its unique game play experience. The downside, however, aside from the hefty price of […]

Wii homebrew

Homebrew coder Rako has released a new version of Neko Project II for the Nintendo Wii. In case your not familiar with the emulator, Neko Project II is a NEC PC-9801 emulator originally coded by Yui. Another version of this app, called Neko Project II Wii, is now also available courtesy of SquidMan, but it […]