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Tips For Making A Better Home Brew | Brew Plus

Home brewing is a complicated but fun hobby. If you are just starting out, it can be frustrating when your first batch of beer doesn’t turn out as good as you had hoped. The key to successful home brewing is patience and knowing that the more you work at it, the better your beer will […]

Homebrew FTP Server For PS3 Cost-free

It’s launched a PS3 Jailbreak Dongle, which functions and in case you dont update the firmware with all the PS3?s method you wont have any trouble earning use of it. Not lengthy in the past the Homebrew FTP Server is becoming launched. This homebrew FTP Server for Play Station 3 continues to become launched in […]

DS Homebrew: DeSmuME SVN r4082

The DeSmuME chronicles continue, this time with version r4082. DeSmuME is an open source NDS emulator for the platforms Linux, Mac OS and Windows.       As you should know by now, this emulator provides support for the following:   save states ability to increase screen size filters for image quality improvement microphone use for […]

Green Brewing – Eco Friendly Home Brewer

Part 1: Water The brewing process uses a large amount of water, and in some places in the United States, there are water restrictions. The best thing you can do is reuse and recycle your water. Of course this can’t be done with the water that will become the wort, but in a sense you […]

DS homebrew

  Those who want to play Nintendo DS games on their computers can now download the latest SVN revision of DeSmuME, the open-source Nintendo DS emulator for PCs running either Linux, Mac, or Windows OS.   The DeSmuME emulator supports save states and the ability to increase the size of the screen. Users can improve […]

Filtering the Homebrew | Articles Addicted

You can make organic beer at home, as this is preferred by many due to health reasons as well as environment factors. Organic beer and the ingredients are not readily available in the market and hence, it is possible to brew your own beer with the use of organic malt and hops. This will ensure […]

Soap – the Cause and the Cure for Acne?!?! a Quest for a Cure

Soap – the cause and the cure for ACNE?!?! A quest for a cure by Tom 1. Could soap be the cause or the cure for acne? Ever since I was a “yout” (My Cousin Vinny reference!), I had some bad acne. As I recall it started when I was 11 or so. […]

How can you install the Homebrew Channel on Wii with this problem

Question by Jake: How can you install the Homebrew Channel on Wii with this issue? When trying to install the Homebrew Channel for Nintendo Wii employing bannerbomb, an error message comes up. Making use of the same version of bannerbomb, I can install everything else (DVDX and bootmii), so it is only the Homebrew Channel […]

More Common Home Brewing Problems and Their Answers

Following on from a previous article, where I described six of the more common problems that can arise when brewing your own beer, and what to do about it. This seems to be a recurring theme, and people that know me have suggested that I do a few more. So here we go with another […]

Stupid Priming Sugar Calculator!!! (Didn't use enough)

I betcha you’ll be just fine, as you already said RDWHAHB. It should carbonate at 67, although a little bit slower than at 70. 10 degrees warmer is a little bit too warm. I’d give them a few weeks, put a bottle in the fridge for a few days, then try it. 2-2.1 volumes isn’t […]