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Review of Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout – 22oz

Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout Well, here I go busting my cherry in the beer rating world. I have big ambitions for what this site will become and it is with this lovely, comforting beer that I lay my mark on the InterWebs. I picked up this 22 oz Rogue bottle at Bert’s Better Beers in […]

Wii Homebrew Channel 4.2u Download | Nintendo Wii Hacks

Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. Are you one of the owners of the most powerful video game console called Nintendo wii version 4.2u? Do you want to download homebrew channel to it? Then you can go ahead and read […]

Homebrew Installer | Games News | Free Buggy Games Online

Hi it’s me here yet again, this calculate around with a small look at Homebrew Installer. I’m going to be dealing with the principal questions with the intention of potential purchasers of this product question. They are: Can I be inflicted with a refund if it turns out I don’t delight in it after all […]

Social Media Writing Tips for Executives

It’s a Blog New World. Social media has changed how we communicate. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and dozens of other social media sites have given us a new way to communicate with friends and business colleagues. They have also given us a new vocabulary.  We now “blog” and “tweet” and “text”.  We read “blooks” and […]

Homebrew weather station plus a pan and tilt camera rig

[Sebastian] wrote in to share his web site, where he has a bunch of different electronics projects. After looking through them, we found a pair that we thought you might find interesting. The first project is a homebrew weather monitoring station that [Sebastian] put together. He designed a weather shield, incorporating humidity, pressure and light […]

Michigan Web Developer Creates Website

Lansing, MI (PRWEB) May 07, 2011 Michigan Web Developer creates, a website dedicated to publicizing Michigan Brewed Beers, retailers that distribute and restaurants that serve that serve the products. provides categorical video reviews to assist the Micro-brew aficionado with finding out of the way places to enjoy their beer loving passion. There?s […]

Home Brewery

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own bar or pub? Well how about something a little smaller and maybe build your own home brewery. Now I am not talking about some elaborate thing where you employ people and mass produce thousands of kegs of beer, but rather your own small boutique brewery where you […]

Latest Harpoon Brewery News

Zorba's is settling in to new Worcester site Harpoon Brewery, co-founded by Worcester native Dan Kenary, will host the annual Harpoon Championships of New England Barbecue July 23-24 at Harpoon's brewery in Windsor, Vt. Barbecue teams from across the Northeast and beyond will compete. … Read more on Worcester Telegram No Rolling Blackouts? Thank Boston's […]

Wii homebrew hack – no game discs required

Jailbreaking hacks have come and gone for the Wii, ever changing as Nintendo tweaks their software to prevent homebrew from running. Piracy concerns aside, there is a legitimate Wii homebrew scene, and a  new, easy to use tool has been released for those looking to give it a try. Many of the previous jailbreaks relied […]

A Fun Outdoor Party Game ? Beer Frisbee

For a low cost and fun outdoor party game, try beer Frisbee. It can be played as either a drinking or non drinking game. Here are some rules and how to set up and score the game. To setup a game, you need to get 2 posts, pipes or ski poles planted in the ground […]