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Learn How To Home Brew Malt Extract Beer

Brewing by using malt extract removes the need to create a mash.. When referring to beer brewing, mashing is the process of heating malted barley or various other brewing grains to a specified temperature range. The malted barley grains are then kept at a certain heat range for a set time period to cause the […]

Guide to … Montreal

Guide to … Montreal Beer lovers should try Le Saint-Bock (1749 Rue Saint-Denis, 680 8052,, which has a young, up-for-it crowd and a big range of microbrews. For a more sophisticated drink, Pullman (3424 Avenue du Parc, 288 7779, offers … Read more on Sydney Morning Herald Brighton Fine Art and Acoustic Music Festival […]

Top 3 Most Romantic Places To Dine In Idyllwild, Ca

                        Idyllwild is a very small, quaint mountain community located in Southern California. Most of us who live here are acquainted with each other. It is not a very well known place, but for those who are aware of it, it is a very desirable place to visit. It is definitely labeled as a tourist […]

Different Kinds of Beer

Different Kinds of Beer Given the amazing number of brands of beer, domestic or imported, you can find in any supermarket, it seems somewhat odd that when you want to discuss different kinds of beer, it all comes down to two kinds: lagers and ales.  Some people compare this to the fact that all the […]


Brew your own beer with a homebrew kit; it contains everything that you need If you like a quality pint every now and again, you cant go far wrong with quality home brewing kits. Fancy getting into homebrew? It can be a rich and rewarding hobby that produces a wide range of great tasting beers. […]

Home Brewing Recipes Make Some of the Best Beer

Home brewing is a process that many people have enjoyed for a number of years. There might be people who do not want to be inconvenienced, so they would rather take a quick trip to their local grocery or liquor store. They would prefer to leave their beer in the hands of commercial brands that […]