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Wii Homebrew N64

WII HOMEBREW N64 EMULATOR SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE Do you want to WII HOMEBREW N64 games? This wii homebrew N64 emulator software is currently the best wii homebrew n64 software available to download on the entire internet! This wii homebrew n64 software allows you to play dvd, mp3, mp4, and many other media types right […]

PSP homebrew

Homebrew developer pen has released a new version of MacroFire, a handy homebrew plugin that allows you to reassign the PSP buttons, adjust your analog stick’s sensitivity and enable rapidfire mode, according to your desired taste.   Changelogs (translated): version 3.2.8 Fixed freeze when you choose to load on a Homebrew. version 3.2.7 In the […]

PSP homebrew

Homebrew developer spike_132000 is back on the scene to release a new version of his nifty app, PSPInstaller, a Cydia-like app for your homebrewed-enabled PSPs that allows you to install homebrews, themes and plugins easily.   The latest update of the brew is a complete overhaul, featuring a brand new menu system, screenshots, problem reporter […]

Save Game Data, Uninstall Homebrew, Reformat Wii

Hey guys, I’ve been pulling my hair out for the past couple of days. Heres my problem. I hacked my wii with the homebrew channel and now I’m regretting it. Some channels dont work on my Wii and but more importantly Zelda TP doesn’t work. I load it the game and its just a blank […]