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Craft Brewing ? Coming to a College Near You?

It’s no secret that America’s craft brew industry has hit all time highs. Craft beer is almost anywhere you look these days, from your local watering hole to beer fests that draw in crowds from around the nation. However, it might be somewhere that you didn’t expect to find it – in your local education […]

River Network and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Protect Rivers

Portland, OR (PRWEB) August 19, 2010 This summer, River Network and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. are helping to preserve vital waterways across the country with the ‘Wild Rivers’ campaign. This partnership, which also includes the nonprofit Western Rivers Conservancy, is visible at retailers across the nation and aims to raise awareness and increase stewardship of […]

More Signs of Growth in the Craft Beer Industry

The beer market has been pretty flat when you look at it from the perspective of major breweries. In fact, quite a few breweries have actually seen a decrease in profitability in recent years. The one spark of light in that dismal outlook is craft beer, which has seen significant growth year over year, even […]

Beer in America: The Early Years–1587-1840: Beer’s Role in the Settling of America and the Birth of a Nation

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George Washington Beer Coming Soon

Most people are unaware that most of the Founding Fathers of the nation also brewed their own beer. Thomas Jefferson’s recipe has actually seen the light of day in recent years after being revived by a local brewing company. In contrast, George Washington’s whiskey distillery is better known than his beer brewing exploits, though he […]