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Home brew beer label for 1 liter bottles


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Q&A: who thinks i can’t finish a 3 liter bottle of ale?

Question by thedevilslengua: who thinks i can’t finish a 3 liter bottle of ale? my little brother (22yrs. old) got me a 3 liter bottle of stone brewing co. double bastard ale. this saturday i will attempt to finish it all in one sitting. almost everyone says i won’t be able to but it’s only […]

Oak Beverage Dispensing Barrel with Galvanized Steel Bands: 1 Liter – Beer


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homebrew beer? |

Question by my large small pony: homebrew beer? 1 book i read talks about employing a blowoff setup to vent air from the fermenter. they didnt explain how to set 1 up, so how do i? ought to i even bother employing 1 or should i use a 3 piece airlock instead. what are the […]