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Home Opinion Columns Coffee and beer: one industry could learn from the…

Home Opinion Columns Coffee and beer: one industry could learn from the… As a result, all sorts of new flavoured beers started emerging, from apple beers to Rogue's Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale. No flavours, or mixtures thereof, were immune from being blended in with the beers. This has forced the major breweries to … […]

New Brewers Complete Homebrew Beer Making Kit by Learn To Brew Reviews


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I want to learn how to brew my own beer….which starter kits are the best/most legit?

Question by SunnyInPhiladelphia: I want to learn how to brew my own beer….which starter kits are the best/most legit? …I’m looking for one in the >$ 200.00 range. I’ve heard that the “Mr. Beer” set-up is total BS, and it really more of a children’s hobby kit than an actual set-up that helps you learn […]

Learn How to Brew Beer (Part 1 of 5)


Learn how to brew your own beer using a few ingredients and everyday household items! You will be brewing in no-time. Brewing beer has never been so easy in the homebrew universe. Check it out here Video Rating: 5 / 5 My third video on my brew stand build

Learn How to Brew Beer

Increasingly, people are learning how to brew beer. One of the main reasons that home brewing is a hobby for many people who enjoy it, is that there are a multitude of varieties of beer recipes and styles of beer making. While some of the brewing and fermenting steps must be followed closely, if you […]

Learn to Sell your Crafts at the Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival


Article by Christopher Wright     Wouldn’t it be great to turn your hobby into a way to make money? Who hasn’t dreamed of sharing their talent with a happy and grateful customer and supporting themselves while doing it? With the Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival coming up in March, you have a great opportunity to […]

Eager To Learn How To Make Beer By Yourself?

Article by Jullo Pullum Who says winning beers can’t be brewed from your own home? Home beer brewing can potentially trigger your creativity to produce nice tasting beers. As you discover the science of beer brewing, you evolve into somebody who could make world-class beer recipes which taste much better than those available on the […]

Homebrew Solar Panel 60Watts | Build a Solar Panels

Documenting building a homemade solar panel from solar cells that would have otherwise been thrown out. Learn how to build your own similar panel @ Details: 36 Cells were used in series Thats ~19 volts @ 3.5 Amps the panel measures 41.5? x 23? And yes, its completely awesome.Video Rating: 4 / 5

Discover All The Secrets for Brewing Beer at Home

Article by Chris Robertson It is no secret that people all over the world love drinking beer. Let me rephrase that, they love drinking good beer. In the last 10 years microbrews have taken over America and raised the standards for what a good beer really is. If you are like most beer lovers you […]

Learn Home Brewing | Go to the Source for your own Home Brew

The time between when it first dawns on you that you could start learning to brew your own beer at home and when you actually take a stab at it is often a long one. You need to research your new-found hobby to enable you to learn properly about home brewing and creating your own […]