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10 Magazines For The Beer Aficianado


BeerAdvocate Plenty of beer enthusiasts are familiar with the BeerAdvocate website for its never-ending reviews of thousands upon thousands of beers and all the other beer-related info on the site, but many don’t realizeBeerAdvocate also is available as a print magazine. Obviously each issue of the magazine can’t contain the ton of beer reviews available at the online site, […]

Homebrew Contest and Tasting Saturday, August 21 at the Red Palace

The DC Beer Week Homebrew Competition is taking place this Saturday from 12-4 PM at Red Palace located at 1212 H Street NE. If you’re saying to yourself, “But I’m not a homebrewer, why would I attend this event?” Well, free beer, that’s why. $10 gets you early access into Red Palace for Nerd Nite, […]

How To Homebrew – Brew Your Own Beer At Home – Start Homebrewing

Visit: Learn How To Brew Your Own Beer At Home! Get Your Free Copies Of My Popular eBooks: – “How To Homebrew” – “20 Surprising Facts About Homebrewing” By Visiting And Signing Up For My Free Homebrewing Newsletter! Home brewing and learning how to brew your own beer at home is easy to […]

January Magazine: Cookbooks: <i>The Complete Homebrew Beer Book

Cookbooks: The Complete Homebrew Beer Book: 200 Easy Recipes, from Ales and Lagers to Extreme Beers and International Favorites by George Humm In The Complete Homebrew Beer Book (Robert Rose) author George Hummel brings up a very good point early on. In fact, it may be the most important point of all when considering whether […]

Samuel Adams Patriot Homebrew On Draft Tonight At Gilette Stadium

Jim Koch To Announce Fifth Annual Patriot Homebrew Contest On Field During 3rd Quarter Of Patriots Game: 2011 Contest Winner Looks Forward To Enjoying His Beer On Tap Tonight At Gillette Stadium New Hampshire homebrewer Jim Prucha beat entries from all six New England states to win the fourth annual Samuel Adams Patriot Homebrew Contest(tm). […]

Malt Extract Home Brewing: How To Make Beer At Home With Extract

Extract Brewing Tips For Making Great Home Brew The easiest way to get started with homebrewing beer is usually by doing malt extract brewing. Home brewing using malt extract shortens the brewing process. In the context of beer brewing, mashing is the procedure of heating up malted barley or various other brewing grains to a […]

Help meee

I see it’s your first post, so Welcome to the forums! Now onto your question. As the old homebrewer’s saying goes: RDWHAHB (Relax, don’t worry, have a home brew), or in your case since it’s your first beer, have a micro brew. I’m sure it will be fine. Give it time to ferment and let […]