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Make your best beer!

Featuring The much loved “Lambic”

In this series of articles I’m going to give you a crash course in the rich and varied beers that dot the globe. In case you haven’t noticed, microbrew beers are taking off big time. Beer used to be the “ugly cousin” of the alcohol world. Pretty well everyone drank their fair share, but only […]

The Ultimate Homebrew Beer Recipe Book

 Homebrew beer master’s have all been there. In the beginning all we have is a love for beer, and a great urge to set up our own little “brewery” in the garage or kitchen. Once we convince ourselves that we are willing to go through with it, that’s when the fun begins.  Ofcourse, buying the […]

The undrunk homebrew: Joie de Vivre Saison

The temptation of all those full, shiny bottles I brewed 5 gallons of beer for my wife’s birthday. Her saison, Joi de Vivre, is ready to go, but we can’t drink it until December. Pregnant with our first child, Jodie obviously can’t drink… but it is also her birthday beer. Even though I brewed it, […]

Homebrew Beer Recipes |

Homebrew Beer Recipes For those that Homebrewing for the very first time, it is certainly very good to have a nice list of homebrew beer recipes to decide on from. Not only is it excellent for generating it straightforward to get started , but with the correct homebrew recipes, you will be able to make […]