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Cost of Home Brewing

There have been a lot of discussions on this topic. Do a quick search and you’ll find numerous answers. Personally, I think it costs about the same, especially when you factor in equipment. AG brewing is quite a bit cheaper though, since malt extract is so expensive. But if you buy in bulk, it cuts […]

Stainless Steel Home Brewing Kettle with Ball Valve and Sight Gauge: 602BPSG 60 Quart


Saving Money With Home Brewing


In tough economic times, we all look for ways to save money. With gas prices going up constantly, the prices of everything just goes right on up with them. Unlike the government, we can’t print up money so anything we can do to cut costs without giving up quality of life is a good move. […]

Tips For Making A Better Home Brew | Brew Plus

Home brewing is a complicated but fun hobby. If you are just starting out, it can be frustrating when your first batch of beer doesn’t turn out as good as you had hoped. The key to successful home brewing is patience and knowing that the more you work at it, the better your beer will […]

Home Brewing an English Mild Beer : Tips on the English Mild Beer Style


Learn about the English mild beer style, specifically from our expert in thisfree beer recipe video on making your own English mild beer. Expert: Mark Emiley Contact: Bio: Mark Emiley has been homebrewing since 1998 when he cooked up his first batch of porter. Filmmaker: Mark Emiley Video Rating: 0 / 5 Learn about […]

Getting Started On Your First Brew

The time between when he first gets up on you that you could begin to learn to brew your own beer at home and when you do take a stab at it is often long. For one thing, it takes a fairly significant learning curve before you even begin to see what he can make […]

How do you make NON-alcoholic beer at home? Is it possible?

Question by nothingclever: How do you make NON-alcoholic beer at home? Is it possible? I know that you can make regular beer at home with a “Mr.Brew” but I was wondering are there any non-alcoholic kits. Will it work without a kit? I don’t drink. I’m just curious. I knew this guy who said he […]

Butter Beer *Offical Harry Potter Recipe

How to make Butter Beer that is exactly like the ones you get in Hogsmeade, This is a quick easy way that works. I put this recipe together after lots of searching, testing, comparing it to the official one in the park. Video Rating: 5 / 5 A quick tutorial on how to create your […]

Coopers Stout Beer Ingredient Kit for Home Brewing Reviews

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