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Make your best beer!

What’s the best way to brew an alchoholic ginger beer?

Question by Travis Rice: What’s the best way to brew an alchoholic ginger beer? I’m a big fan of Ginger “Beer”, but I really want to try an alchoholic version. I’ve read the histories of it, and it was very popular with sailors more than 100 years ago, but seems to be a lost skill. […]

How to make home brew ginger beer – about 17% ABV and 30p a pint!


This is ridiculously strong homebrew. Probably around 17% ABV, so be careful drinking it – think of it as fortified wine (ie sherry or port) and dont blame me if you get very pissed very quickly, or go blind, or do stupid stuff etc. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Another brewing video of me this […]

How to make a Strong Ginger Beer (~7.2%abv)


How to make a strong ginger beer. Made with root ginger, dry malt extract, water and yeast. Brewing ingredients available in our Liverpool shop: Video Rating: 4 / 5

How to Make Soda: Ginger Beer Recipe Part 2

2011/12/e2f49_beer_recipe_default Part 2 of 2. Featuring our great ginger beer recipe, this video teaches how to make soda. Make your own soda using our own soda recipe. This ginger ale recipe will teach how to make your own pop.

Island Sweetwater Beverage sees great potential for it’s gourmet sodas.

LA JOLLA, Calif. (PRWEB) September 29, 2000 Sweetwater Seeks Equity Partner, Company sale is also a possibility. Business Editors & Food/Beverage Writers (PUBLIC RELATIONS WEB)– Island Sweetwater has rolled out a new line of premium soft drinks that combines the finest ingredients such as pure cane sugar, real fruit pulp […]

How to Brew Root Beer and Ginger Ale

For that Authentic Old Fashioned Taste Before the advent of refrigeration, there was no way to preserve juices for more than a day or two as they would spoil. However, ancient peoples soon discovered that there were two types of spoiling – contamination by yeast and contamination by bacteria. Contamination by yeast resulted in the […]

Sangria Recipes Have Been Around For Ages

The main ingredient of original and authentic Sangria is red wine and this is mixed with a variety of fruit (anything from apples, oranges and lemons) and freshly squeezed orange juice. Honey can sometimes be added to add sweetness and fizzy water, lemon juice and a spirit such as brandy can also be added for […]

Ginger beer recipes to warm you up and cool you down

Ginger beer is an old-fashioned drink, one that has a long history, dating back to the 1700s but reaching the peak of its popularity in the 1900s. These days it’s still commercially produced but it’s great fun to make and you can get the kids involved too. A simple ginger beer recipe consists of fresh […]