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Saving Money With Home Brewing


In tough economic times, we all look for ways to save money. With gas prices going up constantly, the prices of everything just goes right on up with them. Unlike the government, we can’t print up money so anything we can do to cut costs without giving up quality of life is a good move. […]

What to Do in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Article by Joe Deacon Whether you live in Pittsburgh or are visiting this city in Western Pennsylvania, you will want to enjoy the many events that take place throughout the year in this city. There are many festivals that celebrate different heritages as well as the heritage of those living in the city. You and […]

Cirelli Marketplace in Middleborough, Ma Hosts Micro Brew Tastings on Saturdays 12- 4 Pm, June 7 – July 5

  Cirelli Marketplace in Middleborough, MA has brewed up a fun way to celebrate the upcoming summer season. Dads, Grads (21 and over), and June brides are all welcome to join in a month long celebration of summer as Cirelli Marketplace offers complimentary micro brew tastings from their specialized selection of craft beers […]


Check out these Wii images: Homebrew’d! Image by doryexmachina Got my Wii running the Homebrew Channel via the Twilight Hack. Yay fun homebrewyness! day 34 Image by sarahluv i love my wii fit. not sure if a skirt is appropriate fitness gear though. Meet the Competition… PAD #1148 Image by BenSpark Allison is a bit […]

Date Night For Married Couples – 5 Ideas For a Great Date

Many couples schedule at least one night a week as date night. It’s a great idea. It gets you out of the house and away from the kids. It gives you “alone time.” But date night can get stale. Couples tend to do the same things over and over again involving the same friends over […]

Buying a Beer Fridge

If you like to drink a nice beer after you get off work and don’t want to worry whether or not there is any cold from the fridge, than you need a beer fridge to keep all of your favorite beers nice and cold. They are great for parties, when you are by yourself, or […]

Stag Parties – Celebrating The Last Night of Bachelorhood

Making last days of freedom fun and exciting is one of the most important tasks of best man. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about stag nights . It is one such party in would-be groom’s life that he can enjoy without any barriers. No restrictions, only fun is the objective of such […]

101 Ideas for Homebrew Fun Reviews

Homebrew Night

  On July 1st, to celebrate the banning of Jace and Stoneforge Mystic, we held a “homebrew night” at Galactic Force for our FNM. We had 18 turn out to play standard, and 14 brought their own home brewed decks. Everyone had a great time, and the 4 people who chose to net deck did […]

Things To Remember When Home Brewing Beer

Home brewing beer can be very exciting and at the same very challenging. Yes, home brewing beer may take time and effort but once you really get the hang of it, you will have so much fun doing it that you will not really pay much attention to how much time and effort you put […]