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What does a New Belgium beer ranger do?

Question by Chris B: What does a New Belgium beer ranger do? New Belgium Brewing (Ft. Collins, CO) have people called “beer rangers.” Are beer rangers just loyal fans of the brewery or are they employees? If they are employees, what is their job description? Are they spokespeople? Researchers of what people want in a […]

What IPA should i drink tonight?

Question by I AM OPIE!!! KING OF PAIN!!!: What IPA should i drink tonight? Stone Ruination IPA Full Sail IPA Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA Rogue Northwestern Buckeye Brewing co Hippie IPA Fat Heads Headhunter IPA or some other IPA? IPA=India Pale Ale…beer. the avatar is opie taylor, mayberry rfd… Thanks, i forgot about Redhook’s […]

Home Brew Kits make good BEER | Build A Home Brewery Review Site

Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. This is a look and a taste of the Northern Brewer kit for making Fat Tire belgian ale.Video Rating: 4 / 5