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Economic Growth ? How the Craft Brewing Industry Is Benefiting the Economy

The economic rollercoaster the nation has been stuck on for the last few years shows no signs of ending soon. Political pundits on both sides of the aisle point to recovery and recession in the same breath, depending on just what point they want to emphasize and what constituents they’re speaking to. While the politicians […]

Tasting homebrew comparing to Lonerider Sweet Josie | North

As you may have heard, I initiated a challenge with Lonerider Brewing Company a few weeks ago, claiming that my home brew brown ale was as good as their Sweet Josie brown ale.  Lonerider was kind enough (and confident enough) to step up to the challenge and offer up a 12-pack of freshly filled bottles […]

Identifying the Best Beer Cities in the US

Travel is one of the most popular summertime activities. Families, couples and singles travel across the country for vacations and relaxation. Most of the time, the destination is chosen for what it offers in the way of activities and amenities – proximity to the beach, golf courses, mountain views, theme parks and the like. However, […]

Why Throw A Beer Tasting Party?

Article by Marc Bayes So why are you throwing a beer party? Well, the point of a party is to enjoy yourself amongst friends as well as meet new people. A typical party is thrown using the cheapest possible beer known to man in Red Plastic Cups! Your Party will be a night to remember […]

What Beer Styles To Have at A Beer Tasting Party

Article by Marc Bayes You have a place to throw the party, glasses to pour your beer into, wine keys to pop bottles, and food to pair them with. But what beers are you going to have at your party? Well there are a TON of beers to choose from and I mean a TON. […]

Pennsylvania Brewer Crafts Artisan Beer

Meadville, PA (PRWEB) June 21, 2008 Matt Allyn, owner of Voodoo Brewing Co., has begun shipping his new line of high-end artisan beer in Pennsylvania, and it is making a big impression on true beer lovers. The artisan beer that Allyn creates at the Voodoo Brewery is made with the best ingredients available. Not […]

Gnarly Barley Brew Festival pairs with county fair

Gnarly Barley Brew Festival pairs with county fair Why try it: It's the first American craft beer to be put in a can and makes up 60 percent of Oskar Blues' sales. Canned beer is better for the beer, the environment and the customer, said Chad Melis of Oskar Blues. The New York Times named […]

Beachwood brews up new pub in downtown Long Beach

Beachwood brews up new pub in downtown Long Beach "Beachwood has always been a beer-focused business, and when Gabe and Lena wanted to open a brew pub and expand the Beachwood enterprise, that was about the same time I was looking to open a production brewery, so we teamed up together. … Read more on […]

Pretty good local newscast on homebrew / craft beer

Some people around my town are trying to put Idaho on the map as far as craft beer and homebrew is concerned. All the local news stations and papers seem to be in support too. Article and video here

Extreme Brewing: An Enthusiast’s Guide to Brewing Craft Beer at Home