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Weird name, cool tool: Smappee monitors and reports energy consumption for

Weird name, cool tool: Smappee monitors and reports energy consumption for … Smappee is new to the North American market, but Grosjean says the concept was fine-tuned for more than a year in Belgium and the Netherlands before being rolled out to the rest of Europe. The Smappee app offers tips for reducing your home's […]

Cool Brewing Insulated Fermentation Bag Limit 1 Per Customer

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Serving Guests Safely

You didn’t invite invisible guests to your party, so don’t let them sneak in. Lock out those ugly pathogens that cause food-borne illness by following simple recommendations from food safety experts.  Hosts and hostesses usually prepare more than enough food, and guests rarely consume everything in sight, so, inevitably, after the event, party-givers often wind […]

Easy Recipe for Root Beer Float Cupcakes

The root beer float is found on diner menus everywhere, and is especially popular on hot summer days as a cool and refreshing treat. shows you how to combine those same flavors by making Root Beer Float Cupcakes. Video Rating: 5 / 5 A quick and simple barbeque sauce you can’t buy off the […]

Newcomer to Homebrew

Welcome to your new obsession. Yes you can use a grain or hops bag during the boil for your spices. You don’t need to worry about contamination during the boil. It’s during and after cool down that you need to have everything sanitized Are you brewing a Blue Moon type beer?