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Fairfax Brewery Pumped for Great American Beer Fest

Fairfax Brewery Pumped for Great American Beer Fest A featured aspect of GABF is the Pro-Am Competition, in which award-winning amateur craft brewers join with commercial breweries to pit their “home brew” against others. Iron Springs is working with Novato amateur Alan Atha, president of the Sonoma … Read more on Andy Hamilton's home-made […]

Why Learn How To Make Beer?

Article by Jeff There are many reasons and advantages to learn how to make beer, so go ahead, and jump right in! First, it can be cheaper than buying commercially produced beers. Plus, you can brew beer that is much better. Producing beer will cost you money, especially when you are first getting started learning […]

Varieties of Home Brewed Beer

There are almost as many classifications of beer as there are people who drink it. O.K. that’s something of an exaggeration, but it is a fact that commercial breweries produce an amazing variety of beers with different flavours and textures, to cater for the very varied tastes of the beer drinker. The home brewer can […]