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Nut Brown Ale 20 minute boil kit


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Coopers Real Ale No Boil Home Brew Beer Kit


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Coopers Brewmaster Selection Irish Stout No Boil Home Brew Beer Kit


How to select a homebrew starter kit

Need help selecting a homebrew starter kit? I have been homebrewing for about a year now.  I love the hobby and I can still remember my first trip into the Local Home Brew Store.  I was excited to get started, but the choices were a bit overwhelming.  What gear did I really need to get […]

Home Brewing an American Light 20 Min. Kit with Joe (Part 2)

This is the second video of a 4 part series showing you how to brew the American Light 20 minute boil kit from Midwest Supplies. This is a very easy and quick brew to make and yields a light bodied beer with a very delicate hop bite and aroma. In this video, we take a […]

Too soon to bottle?

So this is my third beer, 1st non kit. I used Qbrew to put the recipe together and It gave me spot on gravity for boil and fermentation, after 3 days of some of most intense fermentation I have seen yet, I started taking gravity, 1.012 (just as qbrew said) took it again on the […]


1. Put the grains in a muslin bag, or whatever steeping sack you are using. 2. Place bag in water. 3. Turn on heat. 4. Allow water to rise to 170. My preference when steeping is to do this slow to allow more contact time with the water. 5. Pull grains when water reaches 170. […]

Newcomer to Homebrew

Welcome to your new obsession. Yes you can use a grain or hops bag during the boil for your spices. You don’t need to worry about contamination during the boil. It’s during and after cool down that you need to have everything sanitized Are you brewing a Blue Moon type beer?