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Make your best beer!

Flaked Rye

After searching around a bit, I could not find a definitive answer. I want to do an extract brew using some flaked rye. It’s part of a pale ale I want to brew. Will steeping be enough? Some say it is, other things I’ve read say different. So what is the consensus here among the […]

Meeting at the Summit

Meeting at the Summit A couple weeks back my wife and I toured Summit Brewing Company in St. Paul. Much to our surprise the day turned out a bit differently than we had planned. The tour was your standard brewery experience; they showed us the brewing kettles, … Read more on Minneapolis Star Tribune He's […]

PSP homebrew

Here’s the latest build of DaedalusX64, the ever-popular Nintendo 64 emulator for the PlayStation Portable.   Changelog: [=] Merged from Dev branch: Rev 331 – Corn [!] let compiler inline R4300_JumpToInterruptVector() since it only adds ~100 bytes to .exe [!] reorganize and improve checks in R4300_Handle_Interrupt() [!] speedup and use 32bit (instead of 64bit) in […]

Enjoyed our first homebrew on Saturday.

And it was much better than we anticipated. It was a bit sweet for a Hefe, but its still sitting at room temp in the bottles so it ought to get a bit better with time. Head retention wasn’t fantastic either, but maybe time will fix that as well. The LHBS owner said we’re doing […]

What does it take to start home beer brewing?

Question by drainargon: What does it take to start home beer brewing? Several years ago my roommate bought me a “Mr. Beer” home brewing kit. What I didn’t really like about it is that it seemed “dumbed down” – for example, all the yeast, sugar and stuff was pre-measured and it all came in pre-packaged […]

Stupid Priming Sugar Calculator!!! (Didn't use enough)

I betcha you’ll be just fine, as you already said RDWHAHB. It should carbonate at 67, although a little bit slower than at 70. 10 degrees warmer is a little bit too warm. I’d give them a few weeks, put a bottle in the fridge for a few days, then try it. 2-2.1 volumes isn’t […]

The perfect beer pour.

I thought you beer nuts would enjoy this. I go to hackday quite a bit just to see what people come up with and saw this beer pouring robot direct from kegerator. I think its pretty cool.