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Make your best beer!

The amazing benefits of coopers beer brewing kits

Due to the popularity of beer, there are a number of home brewing kits available in the market which you can definitely use to make your own beer. You experience immense satisfaction when you are brewing your own beer according to your own choices so that you come up with the perfect beer. The quality […]

What Beer Styles To Have at A Beer Tasting Party

Article by Marc Bayes You have a place to throw the party, glasses to pour your beer into, wine keys to pop bottles, and food to pair them with. But what beers are you going to have at your party? Well there are a TON of beers to choose from and I mean a TON. […]

The Beer Drinker’s Handbook

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Varieties of Home Brewed Beer

There are almost as many classifications of beer as there are people who drink it. O.K. that’s something of an exaggeration, but it is a fact that commercial breweries produce an amazing variety of beers with different flavours and textures, to cater for the very varied tastes of the beer drinker. The home brewer can […]