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Review of Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout – 22oz

Rogue Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout Well, here I go busting my cherry in the beer rating world. I have big ambitions for what this site will become and it is with this lovely, comforting beer that I lay my mark on the InterWebs. I picked up this 22 oz Rogue bottle at Bert’s Better Beers in […]

Beer is fermenting @ 66* ambient– still smells

First, if the beer isn’t done fermenting yet, quit sniffing the airlock. Yeast smells during fermentation typically aren’t related to the flavor of the finished beer. Second, what yeast are you using? If you’re using a hefe strain or certain belgian strains, banana is an aroma/flavor characteristic that the yeast adds to the beer. Finally, […]

The reviews of beer La Gauloise

I comment that this beer really has a good qualify. It is ‘hard-to-find’, unless you’re Belgian…or French…or from somewhere else but relocated to the Low countries…or visiting the region and…Of course, I fell into one of the above categories (can you guess which one?) and in that respect it wasn’t hard-to-find at all. I just […]

2011 National Homebrew Conference Recap – Part 1 | BetterBeerBlog

Once Mrs. BetterBeerBlog and I heard that the National Homebrew Conference (NHC) was going to be held in San Diego, we wasted little time in booking our lodgings for our time here. Despite getting such an early jump on the NHC, we completely whiffed when it came to pre-conference activities. We missed out on all […]

Hops Schedule for RyePA

I agree it’d be helpful to know the OG to recommend a bittering level… I know this is a really rough rule, and certainly would have lots of exceptions, but about the same number of IBU’s as your gravity is a good point to start with for a good hoppy beer; I tend to go […]