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What is a good alternative to Miller Lite?

Question by Joseph: What is a good alternative to Miller Lite? My best friend’s favorite everyday brew is Miller Lite, canned, but I find it nearly undrinkable, probably because I don’t gulp it down. Bud or Bud Select is drinkable (if it’s free), but I don’t like Bud Light much either. I’m a lightweight, so […]

Karl Strauss and GreenHouse Partner to Create Alternative Fuel from Beer Waste

San Diego, CA (Vocus) July 17, 2009 GreenHouse is teaming-up with beer pioneer Karl Strauss Brewing Company to convert spent beer yeast into ethanol fuel for California residents and businesses alike. Today’s news comes on the heels of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s June 4 press conference, where he unveiled the final production model of the revolutionary […]