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Q&A: Pale Ale beer feedback please?

Question by TexHabsfan: Pale Ale beer feedback please? I normally get Sierra Nevada or Full Sail, but a friend recommended Stone Brewing Co’s, so I am gonna try that .. can I expect much of a difference? Best answer: Answer by BigNSierra Nevada Pale Ale is the good as hell! (aka hella good) Add your […]

What IPA should i drink tonight?

Question by I AM OPIE!!! KING OF PAIN!!!: What IPA should i drink tonight? Stone Ruination IPA Full Sail IPA Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA Rogue Northwestern Buckeye Brewing co Hippie IPA Fat Heads Headhunter IPA or some other IPA? IPA=India Pale Ale…beer. the avatar is opie taylor, mayberry rfd… Thanks, i forgot about Redhook’s […]

Complete Brew Kit with 6 Gal Carboy and Coopers Real Ale Beer Kit