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Make your best beer!

Mr. Beer Whispering Wheat Weizenbier with Golden Wheat


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Mr. Beer High Country Canadian Draft with Pale Export


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Mr. Beer Octoberfest Vienna Lager with Mellow Amber


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Mr. Beer Bewitched Red Ale with Mellow Amber


How to select a homebrew starter kit

Need help selecting a homebrew starter kit? I have been homebrewing for about a year now.  I love the hobby and I can still remember my first trip into the Local Home Brew Store.  I was excited to get started, but the choices were a bit overwhelming.  What gear did I really need to get […]

Complete Brew Kit with 6 Gal Carboy and Coopers Real Ale Beer Kit

Catalina Pro/ Mr. Beer 60400 Mr. Rootbeer Refill Kit

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Catalina Pro/ Mr. Beer 20041 Mr. Rootbeer Brewing System

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The Great American Micro-Brewery Co. American Variety Beer Refill Pack, American Variety

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Catalina Pro/ Mr. Beer 60023 Mr. Beer Refill Kit

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