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Make your best beer!

Buying a Beer Fridge

If you like to drink a nice beer after you get off work and don’t want to worry whether or not there is any cold from the fridge, than you need a beer fridge to keep all of your favorite beers nice and cold. They are great for parties, when you are by yourself, or […]

Info on Beer Pong Tables

Article by Bonnie Bennett Beer parties or a Kegger as they are called are a huge rage these days among one and all. After a long and tiring week, a Beer party is the best way that the young people of today are using as means to unwind and let go. On top of it, […]

Buy Outdoor Beer Dispenser And Add Fun to Party

Article by Mohita Bhargava Beer dispensers are becoming a need for the party lovers. Not everyone one of could hire a bar tender for a party, even if they can, having one for friendly gatherings is not a good idea. For party hosts without a beer dispenser, it was really difficult to have fun and […]

Why Throw A Beer Tasting Party?

Article by Marc Bayes So why are you throwing a beer party? Well, the point of a party is to enjoy yourself amongst friends as well as meet new people. A typical party is thrown using the cheapest possible beer known to man in Red Plastic Cups! Your Party will be a night to remember […]

What Beer Styles To Have at A Beer Tasting Party

Article by Marc Bayes You have a place to throw the party, glasses to pour your beer into, wine keys to pop bottles, and food to pair them with. But what beers are you going to have at your party? Well there are a TON of beers to choose from and I mean a TON. […]

A Fun Outdoor Party Game ? Beer Frisbee

For a low cost and fun outdoor party game, try beer Frisbee. It can be played as either a drinking or non drinking game. Here are some rules and how to set up and score the game. To setup a game, you need to get 2 posts, pipes or ski poles planted in the ground […]

The Rise in Popularity of Beer Games at Parties

Article by Derek Reed For any party, which begs to have a crazy side to it, must include beer and lots of it. Over the years, it has become the norm in the western university culture to consume lots of beer. Fresher’s week, fraternities, sororities, various university clubs, varsity teams and many important university events […]

Beer Parties & Vouchers Online Working Together

Article by Andrew Baker Beer parties are just like festive occasions in which people enjoy with drinks, dancing and eating delicious food. Nowadays party buffs are enjoying heavy drinking with vouchers online. Everybody wants to flow with the rest of the party animals if he/she had lots of money. Cask of beer, a wonderful evening […]