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Over Seventy-five Thousand Pints Sold in The American Beer Month Cup Challenge

(PRWEB) September 8, 2002


September 9, 2002 ? issued the challenge and American beer lovers answered the call. Over 80-plus bars and brewpubs around the country participated in the first American Beer Month Challenge Cup from July 16th-18th, and more than 75,000 pints of American-made beer were poured through designated taps.

Participants ranged from The Kaffeeklatsch, a one-tap pub in Alabama, to national chain brewpubs, The Rock Bottom Restaurant-Brewery and B.J.?s Restaurants and Breweries. Competition was fierce for the Cup itself, but also for local and regional pride. Regulars at Boscos Squared in Memphis, Tennessee cyber-taunted the locals at Boscos Nashville through terminals set up in the pubs, inspiring discourse on the tradition of American beer-making, as well as lot of traditional American-beer drinking.

Boscos Squared edged out Boscos Nashville by an admirable 245 pints, but the domination didn?t stop there. Reaching beyond the borders of Tennessee, Chuck Skypeck of Boscos Squared dared Nico Ortiz of Turtle Mountain Brewery in Rio Ranch, New Mexico to sell more pints during the Challenge Cup. The stakes? Barbeque. Boscos Squared put another feather in their cap and Skypeck will soon be enjoying a meal from Smokehouse BBQ in Rio Rancho.

Rock Bottom Brewery Restaurant in Arlington, Va., poured more beer than any one location and captured the cup for large establishments. The Great Lost Bear of Portland, Maine, was the champion multi-tap bar, selling 1,637 pints through the 10 special taps alone (GLB has 53 taps). The Maine brewing community turned out in force for all of America Beer Month and particularly for the Challenge Cup.

Two Portland breweries, Shipyard Brewing and Allagash Brewing, went head-to-head, with Shipyard Summer Ale winning during the Challenge Cup (513 pints to 423) and Allagash White edging Summer Ale for the month. ?All the brewers turned out in force and made their own posters. Those that didn’t are kicking themselves and looking forward to next year,? said co-owner David Evans, ?This was a great promotion for a hot July day.?

To commemorate the victory, The Great Lost Bear will receive a large loving cup (suitable for drinking from) and local regular Linda Dickson will receive a $ 100 gift certificate to enjoy at the pub.

The American Beer Month Challenge Cup was organized by and sponsored by Michelob Amber Bock.

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