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Wayside Riders on the Rise

(PRWEB) February 17, 2004

Atlanta-based Wayside Riders? momentum (similar to their sound) is on full-steam ahead with a national debut show scheduled in Flagstaff, AZ at the Orpheum Theatre, February 28, 2004. With no rest in between, the band launches into a southeast regional Spring Tour immediately following their return to Atlanta (March, April, & May 2004). These national and regional show announcements coincide with the release of the groups? first album, Grey, produced by Eli Akins of Southern Living at Its Finest Studios, Atlanta, and scheduled for release this month (Feb 2004).

Wayside Riders was formed in 2002 and debuted on the Atlanta scene in June, 2003. Their quick rise in popularity can be attributed to the excellent musicianship of the band as well as the national act experience and musical legacy of three key band members, Romin Dawson (vocalist/lead lyricist/guitarist), Preston Holcomb (drumkit), and Rick Welsh (drumkit) ? all former members of the The Grapes, an impressive jamband with nearly a decade of national touring experience. Dawson and Holcomb formed The Grapes, along with additional founding member, Charlie Landsdorf in the Summer of ?86. The Grapes were widely popular immediately and enjoyed a heavy touring schedule across the country during the mid 80?s to late 90?s, sharing the stage with such legendary acts as Wide Spread Panic, Phish, The Black Crows, Iron Butterfly, & Merle Saunders, among many others. This prolific band produced four albums to their credit during their run and officially disbanded in 1997.

The Grapes? sound was once described by Tampa, Florida?s Weekly Planet as ??driving down Grateful Dead Boulevard and taking a right on Allman Brothers Avenue.? (Mahfouz, Daily Cougar, Houston, TX)

As for Wayside Riders, they offer a brand of jam-rock with amazingly fresh intelligent lyrics led primarily by Dawson (known for such memorable tunes with The Grapes as…”Been Gone Too Long (co-wrote)”, “If You?ve Got a Gun,” “Mama Flew,” and others.). With three guitars, two drumkits, and one keyboardist, the Wayside Riders? sound is steeped in good ?ol southern ?jamband? tradition, while at the same time offering up a richness in lyrics and a hard-driving rock core the more astute music fan of this genre can truly appreciate.

When asked of the group?s future plans, Bassist, Andy Lester, with a charming smile and a twinkle in his eye, responds ??same thing we do every night, Pinky?take over the world!?

Additional members of the band include Robert Nichols, keyboardist with a long history on the Atlanta jamband scene. Notable bands Nichols has played with include Tree & Endorphin. Jason ?Lefty? Williams, lead guitarist, recently joined Wayside Riders this past November 2003. Lefty was the founding member of Nothin? Simple, a local Atlanta band that has enjoyed a heavy local following and substantial regional touring success during its livelihood. According to Lefty, the new album, Grey, is ??one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time – even if I’m not on it.?

Yes, with this experienced band?s fast rise in popularity on the local scene in Atlanta, coupled with the group?s new album, Grey, and a national debut at the Orpheum Theatre in Flagstaff, AZ, as well as a Spring Tour on the books for the Southeast, perhaps world domination is on the horizon.

Arizona Tour Dates

February 27 | Flagstaff, AZ | Mogollon Brewing Co. (CD Release Party)

February 28 | Flagstaff, AZ | Orpheum Theatre

Southeast Tour Dates

February 20 | Atlanta, GA | Jake?s Toadhouse (CD Release Party)

March 5 | Atlanta, GA | Jake?s Toadhouse

March 13 | Atlanta, GA | Peachtree Tavern

April 10 | Savannah, GA | JJ Cagney?s

May 29 | Charleston, SC | Pour House Band



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