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Can anyone familiar with Colorado please give opinions on a vacation I have planned?

Question by alliebear123: Can anyone familiar with Colorado please give opinions on a vacation I have planned?
I feel like I have a pretty solid vacation planned, but have never been to Colorado and would appreciate if anyone could add their input. My boyfriend and I will be there for a week in October, we’re driving there from Arizona. Here is our plan:

-First 2 nights in Colorado Springs at Hotel San Ayre. First night we’ll just have time for dinner, then the next day we’re taking the cog railroad up Pike’s Peak and then exploring Garden of the Gods. Any extra time we’ll just explore the area, check out Manitou springs, just chill. A coworker told me not to miss the Broadmoor for dinner/drinks but I don’t know, is it worth it?

-Next 2 days we’ll be in Denver just at a quality inn. I bought us a groupon to check out Denver Botanic Gardens, but that’s our only set plan. We’re also going on a “Brews Cruise”, which takes you to 3 different breweries in the Denver area. We’re excited to check out the local beer. The rest of the time we figure we’ll just explore 16th street mall and things like that. I heard Molly Brown’s house offers a Titanic tour, I’d like to check that out. We definitely want to try the burgers at Duffy’s Cherry Cricket, we saw it on Man vs Food, looks amazing.

-Last 2 days we’re spending in Boulder at Twin Lakes Inn. One day we’ll just hang around Boulder and just check out the town, do some hiking and check out more Man vs Food restaurants (Beau Jos, the Buff, West End Tavern). The last day we’re driving to Rocky Mountain National Park and plan on driving Trail Ridge Road, I’m just nervous because I heard it gets closed down in October for weather, I hope we can make it. Just want to explore that area.

If anyone has any extra tips or things I should add/take out, I’d REALLY appreciate it. Also, if anyone could reaffirm what I should pack clothing wise? Obviously I figure jeans, long sleeves, sweaters/jackets, but I’m just wondering exactly what level of cold I should be expecting for October. After 10 years in AZ, its been a while since I’ve been outside of deathly hot. Thank you guys so much!

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Answer by I love To Tap
I live in Colorado, so very familiar with the destinations!!
First nights hotel, I have never heard of, but I am sure you will love it. Cog railroad is fun, be sure to take water and breathe though. Many people forget, get motion sick, and can not enjoy the ride. Also, a camera is a great idea!! Garden of the Gods is one of my favorite places in Colorado, lived here 17 years and besides Black Canyon, its my favorite! The Broadmoor, is one of our nicest resteraunts, but it is pretty expensive, but a great anniversary destination. If you are going to Manitou spprings, which I highly recommend. Try to fit in Idaho Springs, Beau Joes Pizza. Its just a taste oif home :)
In Denver, you will love our brewery tours, and the molly brown house is a much better idea than the Molly brown hotel. 16th street is a blast, I hope you are able to go to one of the plays at the Denver Center of Performing Arts; we go to everyone! If you are in Denver, you have to go to Littleman’s Icecream. Its Amazing!!!
Your Boulder trip sounds amazing! I love to take a walk near the CU campus, and usually shows alot of fun boulder activities, that you are sure to enjoy! The Trail ridge road is a nice scenic drive, but if it is closed, I think you might rather visit Estes Park or Breckenridge, CO. They aren’t college towns, but they are very cozy small towns, that I am sure you can grab some cider and enjoy!!

I hope you have a wonderful time, you will be here between our fall season, and will most likely get to see our aspens turn their beautiful colors!! Have a great trip!

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