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Q&A: River Mountain Lodge, Breckenridge, Co.?

Question by HJR: River Mountain Lodge, Breckenridge, Co.?
Can anyone please rate this lodge in Breckenridge, Colorado? It is a condo that sleeps 6 at $ 418 a night. Included are the the lift tickets; is this a good deal?

Any other information would be greatly appreciated. I am driving from San Antonio with a family of six. Planning on staying for 3 nights. Thanks,

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Answer by travel guy
I am very familiar with this property.

I have not been inside the condos but the location is great – about 2 blocks from the slopes and 1 block off Main St. Its a walk to everything location – all the restaurants, bars, and shops, and Breck is one heck of a great town. For a good time try the Breckenridge Brewery – a great place for good food and good fun. Also try the Kenosha Steak House on the corner of Adams and Main St. – great steaks at very good prices.

Since you didn’t state the ages of the folks in your party it’s tough to give you an accurate idea of the value of your package, but just for argument sake if you have four skiers over the age of 13 and two under 13, the walk-up price of your one day lift tickets would be about $ 350.00 – so in effect you’re getting the lodging for about $ 70 per night. Please remember that I used mid-season pricing for the lifts ($ 70/day adults and $ 35/day children).

Is that a good deal – you betcha! Go and have a wonderful time.

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  1. Justin's silly girlfriend

     /  February 5, 2014

    I’d try Beaver Run lodge in Breckenridge… I think there are a ton of places you can stay that will sleep six that might be cheaper. you could also try Frisco or Silverthorne they are close towns that might have cheaper accomidations that are just as nice

    If you are getting lift tickets for the entire stay for free then yes, that is a good deal!


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