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Q&A: Top 5 favorite beers, go?

Question by The Fallen Fig: Top 5 favorite beers, go?
1. Guiness extra Stout
2. Heineken
3. Yuengling Black and Tan
4. Coors Light
5. Budweiser

Best answer:

Answer by Nancy
Bud Light Platinum
Coors Light
Keystone (it’s cheap, for us college kids)

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  1. Baseball

     /  September 3, 2013

    Other than Guiness – I wouldn’t drink any of those beers.
    Here’s my list:

    Imperial IPA – Old Schoolhouse Brewery (Winthrop, Washington).
    Alaskan Amber – Alaskan Brewing Co (Juneau, Alaska)
    Moose Drool Brown Ale – Big Sky Brewing (Missoula, Montana)
    Fat Tire Pale Ale – New Belgium Brewing (Fort Collins, CO)
    Red Ale – Ice Harbor Brewery (Kennewick, WA)


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