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Q&A: Is Budweiser “Project 12” being sold anywhere in Baltimore?

Question by WWF4Jericho: Is Budweiser “Project 12” being sold anywhere in Baltimore?
They are selling a 12 pack sampler of 3 new Busweiser Craft Style beers and I have yet to see it in Baltimore. Wondering if its available.
I am well aware of the local breweries in MD, I love DuClaw and drink Flying Dog when I can. I am just curious, and am willing to shell out the money for this.

As far as totally supporting craft breweries, when was the last time you bought a local Craft Car or bought Clothes at a local Craft Clothing store?

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Answer by Spunk Nutley
First of all, the words “Budweiser” and “Craft Beer” should never be in the same sentence. It’s insulting that ABInbev would make a product like this. They are trying to take back profits they have lost to hard-working, small breweries and brewers with this abomination of “craft” lagers that are nothing of the sort.

If you’re in Baltimore, please drink local instead. Flying Dog, Union, and Brewer’s Art are just a few examples of great local, Baltimore-area beers. Go for those instead, AB-Inbev doesn’t need anymore money.

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  1. Jason

     /  September 23, 2013

    I agree with Spunk, try your local micros because they will be much much better in quality and most likely higher in alcohol content.


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