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Is there any way to determine how much beer is drank in Morgantown, WV?

Question by kecknballs: Is there any way to determine how much beer is drank in Morgantown, WV?
I heard a statistic that Morgantown, WV is responsible for 2% of Anheuser Bush’s alcohol sales and from what I’ve seen going to school here it seems possible. I’ve done some research and even tried emailing Anheuser Bush, but they never emailed me back. Anyone have any idea about this?

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Answer by Vince M
I really doubt that statistic is true, but, my opinion is NOT the same as researched fact. To help you on you way to finding out, one way or the other, I suggest that you find out who the biggest wholesale distributors of beer, wine and spirits are that serve the local stores, restaurants and taverns.

Depending on the size of your town, I doubt that there are more than a half dozen distributors. They can give you a better idea of how much beer is consumed in Morgantown. They might also be more forthcoming in giving out this information if you pose your research as if it were a school project. In fact, this may really be a good subject for a project or paper.

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  1. kfaulk211

     /  April 18, 2013

    According to the MSNBC/ feature “America’s Drunkest Cities” Morgantown, WV isn’t even close to the beer consumption of more populated cities. Whoever said Morgantown, WV is responsible for a whopping 2% of A-B sales… was, well, off their rocker. Not nearly enough people live in Morgantown (nor do they have enough money) to consume such a massive quantity…. even per-capita. Want to know what cities DO drink the most? Here you go:

    35. Nashville, TN
    34. Charlotte, NC
    33. Miami, FL
    32. New York, NY
    31. Orlando, FL
    30. Indianapolis, IN
    29. Detroit, MI
    28. Atlanta, GA
    27. Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX
    26. Norfolk, VA
    25. Tampa, FL
    24. New Orleans, LA
    23. Los Angeles, CA
    22. Phoenix, AZ
    21. Washington-Baltimore, MD
    20. San Francisco-Oakland, CA
    19. Portland, OR
    18. Houston, TX
    17. Kansas City, MO
    16. Cincinnati, OH
    15. Denver/Boulder, CO
    14. Las Vegas, NV
    13. Seattle, WA
    12. San Antonio, TX
    11. St. Louis, MO
    10. Providence, RI
    9. Philadelphia, PA
    8. Pittsburgh, PA
    7. Cleveland, OH
    6. Chicago, IL
    5. Austin, TX
    4. Boston, MA
    3. Columbus, OH
    2. Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN

    and the drunkest, beer-loving city in America is:

    1. Milwaukee, WI


  2. Pittcrew22

     /  April 18, 2013

    I go to rutgers university, and I can say first hand that morgantown,wv does not drink as much beer as we do here in new jersey. i visted some of my boys up there and there was a good amount of beer, but i know of atleast 4 places in new jersey that drink more beer than morgantown,wv. sorry man, i think that stat is wrong, there are plenty of places that drink more beer that that dump in morgantown.


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