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Top 10 Beers you have ever tasted?

Question by Petrus H: Top 10 Beers you have ever tasted?
Mine is;
1) Stella Artois
2) Heineken
3) Corona
4) WarSteiner
5) Pilsner Urquell
6) Laurentina Clara
7) Castle Lager
8) Peroni
9) Grolsch
10) Amstel Lager

Best answer:

Answer by TexHabs
1) Unibroue La Fin Du Monde
2) Unibroue Maudite
3) Lagunitas Imperial Ale
4) Lagunitas IPA Maximus
5) Stone Brewing Co Arrogant Bastard
6) Cervezeria Cuauthemoc Indio
7) Negra Modelo Dark Ale
8) Molson Export
9) Smithicks
10) Lapin Kulta

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  1. Richard English

     /  January 2, 2013

    Not one of those cited – all but two of which I have tried and know that they are mock-pilsners tasting more or less the same. And Castle lager is one of the few beers I have tried that is even worse than most US mass-market beers. With around 10,000 US beers and 4,000 UK beers you will appreciate that the job is a challenging one.

    Of North American bottled beers I would say:

    Anything from Unibraue
    Anything from BrewDog
    Phillips IPA and double IPA (Canada)
    Goose Island IPA

    Cask-conditioned beers:

    Thornbridge Jaipur (UK)
    Anything from Dark Star but especially Hophead Citra (UK)
    Anything from Harveys but especially their Dark Mild (UK)
    Two Brothers (Chicago)
    Shipyard (Florida)
    Pilgrim Porter (UK)


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