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Can the first psp have downloaded games put on it?

Question by knesterg: Can the first psp have downloaded games put on it?
Because I havent done much with my psp in like 2 years, I was wanting to download and put games onto it. I was wondering if this can be done on the first psp? Or does it need to be on a special update or w/e. Cause I dont wanna spend $ 50 on a memory stick duo and find out this cant be done on my psp.

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Answer by David Shipman
You can in fact do this with the first version of the PSP. It is a “home brew” program that you need to obtain. Now, there is a catch to this. If you have updated your PSP’s firmware then I hate to say it but your probably screwed. People say that you can reset your PSP and delete all updated firmware but this is false. And as I have done numerous research on the subject, there seems to be no way out of it.
Here’s a link that might help you out…ATTENTION! DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE!!! It is strictly for research purposes only. It should tell you what you need to do though. Good Luck!

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  1. Ray

     /  December 14, 2012

    Yes you can. If you are talking about illegal games, its possible to install custom firmware(you can research this). Or, you can go into the playstation store and download the games like a normal person


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