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Politicans Poop Alot: Who, on average, are the better fishermen? FBI or CIA?

Question by P.C. = B.S.: Politicans Poop Alot: Who, on average, are the better fishermen? FBI or CIA?
Who is better at reeling, casting nets, gill netting, deep sea fishing, harpoons, etc.? Who are better at fishing in creeks and the ocean? Who are better at fishing in streams and lakes? Would the FBI catch more fish and grill them up to eat them so good with some lemon, yum yum? Or would the CIA catch a big ol’ fish to make some rocking ceviche right there on the deck of the ship?

Would the FBI cast the net upon the briny deep and hoist up the treasures of King Neptune’s kingdom while sailing into the horizon??? Or, would the CIA traverse the frozen tundra in order to find the perfect spot for some ice fishing because they have a bunch of cheap beer but also some quality micro brewery brown ales because Mike down at BevMo hooked it up on the way out to the tundra to catch fish and eat them in the ice fishing hut?

Well, which one is it? Is it the CIA or the FBI who catch fish to feed the rest of the village? Who catches more? Who cooks them better and can probably bust out the sashimi right there on the pier if needs be?

Basically, who would be the better fishermen? The FBI or the CIA?

Best answer:

Answer by momo’s got some nice looking cupcakes
CIA because they are bigger.

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  1. Jeffrey J

     /  September 1, 2012

    I think the CIA would be able to infiltrate the fish community and gather intelligence, such as fish hideouts and other gathering places. Then blow the shit out of it with drones.


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