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Craft Brewery

A craft brewery is a small, traditional and independent brewery. It has a small annual production of about 6 million barrels and the alcoholic and beverage industry owns about a quarter of it.

As craft breweries have come of age, they had little knowledge of how their flavored craft beers would generate so much passion and enthusiasm among drinkers. To-date as more people join the beer drinking fraternity, there are more brands and flavors to choose from unlike back in the 80s.

There are well over 1,600 craft beer breweries in the US with close to 90% of these being classified as small and independent. Although these craft beer breweries have enjoyed some success and also faced some challenges, one thing for sure is that they would not have reached where they are right now had it not been for global beer lovers.

And although craft beer constitutes for 6.3% beer sales in the US this figure is steadily on the increase as millions of the adult population enjoy it.

One important thing about craft brewers are the challenges they face in accessing and penetrating the market. Do you at times ask yourself as to why you fail to get your favorite craft beer in some restaurants and taverns? This is because of the high operational costs in obtaining raw materials and ingredients, and also high taxation on the beer industry. Note that when you buy a craft beer in Michigan or in any other state, you are supporting the local brewery, community and the culture of craft brewing in the US. This in turn then helps more people in the community find jobs and support.

Some of the exciting things about craft brewers is that they are usually seen as local personalities who use their skill and art for authentic reasons.

Their beer is a product of these intentions and a passion to make the best beer in the world.
This is one thing that stands out the most among craft beer brewers, their passion and drive to make the best beer in the world with the sole focus being on quality.

Unlike big beer brewers who tend to focus on increasing production and finding different marketing strategies, craft beer brewers take time to nurture and fine make a natural flavored beer.

Craft beers come in different flavors, and for that you are sure to find one that will suit you. Different ingredients are used, and it also has more health benefits than any beer including even red wine. Nutrients include vitamins, antioxidants and silicon which is useful among those on diet.
A craft beer even tastes better and the fact that it comes in flavors such as lemon, strawberry and others, making it a better tasting beer than traditional tasteless beers.

You can browse different companies and find brewers nearest to you by visiting the brewers association. This will help you find your local brewers as well as the pubs, bars and restaurants that offer craft beer. Drink a craft beer and make the most of your beer drinking.

At, you can search and find all the important details on craft beer including availability of beer, nearest brewer store and much more. You can locate local brewers, pubs and restaurants and various sources of craft beer at

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