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Michigan Craft Beers

Craft beers are increasingly becoming popular throughout the US and the world as a whole. And the main reason for that is because of the fact that craft beer is much cheaper than the traditional bitter beer, it has more health benefits, reduces your trips to the bathroom, has a stronger alcohol content, is made from natural pure ingredients and it comes in many flavors.

These reasons together with many others are what’s making craft beer become more and more popular.

In the US alone there are well over 1,600 breweries spread across many states and Michigan is no exception. More and more people throughout Michigan are increasingly falling in love with craft beer, and some even travel from neighboring states to enjoy the craft beer festivities held in Michigan.

Another reason behind the success of craft beer lies in the fact that it is of quality.

Unlike big beer companies that tend to focus on mass production and on marketing strategies to increase their sales, craft beer brewers take time to blend rich and natural ingredients to bring out a quality beer. The beer is much cheaper and achieves its intended purpose in no time at all.

Various pubs, restaurants, brewer stores and diners are offering craft beer. You are almost certain that within Michigan you are never far from a local brewery.

Craft beer does not use any artificial additives, and some of the natural ingredients used in its production include; lemons, oranges, strawberries and a blend of other fruit to some degree.

All these are concocted to bring out a good beer enriched in various flavors.

At imabeerhound you can find listings of different craft beer stores, restaurants, brewers and also reviews from different people about the beer. With this useful information you will be well aware of what to expect and also know that there’s no need to gulp your beer as the effects are strong. Two glasses of craft beer can do a job which could have required 4-6 of traditional water beers to do the same thing.

Information on craft beer can also be found as well as what prices to expect. Furthermore, more information on craft beers in Michigan and throughout the US can be found on the internet.

Besides the many bars, pubs, restaurants and increasing brewers in Michigan, a number of festival activities are held where people get to meet and have a jolly good time over craft beers. This is one way in which craft beer unites people and with that increasing in popularity.

Occasions such as the Bell’s festival, Weko beach brewers festival (award winning) Bell’s October fest soup, Nicie Spicie Beer Bread and a lot more are some of the beers festivities held throughout the year where people get to meet up and enjoy craft beer. You can get more information regarding these festivities and their dates here at imabeerhound.

The vast success of craft beer lies in the consumers and beer lovers. It is all thanks to these that craft beer is enjoying success.

At, you can search for all the important details on craft beer including availability of beer, nearest brewer store and much more. Locate your local brewery store, restaurant, bars and retailers listings at You can also read latest blog postings, comments and such by several craft beer users.

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