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RJ Rockers Brewing Company

Article by himfr Rockers Brewing Company is a beer brewing company based in Spartanburg, South Carolina, founded in 1997 by current president/owner/brewer, Mark R. Johnsen. The company is considered a microbrewery meaning it has an annual production of less than 15,000 barrels.Contents1 History2 Beers Produced3 Locations Sold4 External links5 References// HistoryThe company began as a brewpub on Morgan Square in downtown Spartanburg, but in 2002 Johnsen decided to leave the restaurant business and concentrate solely on producing craft beer. Johnsen soon relocated his 10 barrel brewing system to a Spartanburg industrial park off of the Interstate 85 Business Loop. This location reached full capacity after the company experienced 92% growth in 2008, and in February 2009 RJ Rockers Brewing Company purchased a building in downtown Spartanburg’s west end that was formerly occupied by The Salvation Army. The 46,000 square foot facility features a 30 barrel brewing system with an annual capacity of 7,500 barrels. Beers ProducedRJ Rockers Brewing Company currently produces eleven different style ales.Beer NameYear CreatedDescriptionBald Eagle Brown Ale1997An English-style brown ale. Its main characteristic is a deep brown color that comes from a combination of Chocolate and Black malt. It is 5.4% AbvBell Ringer Ale2007A nontraditional style ale, sometimes refered to as an “imperial ESB”, created by Johnsen in 2007 to celebrate a bill that legalized high gravity beers in South Carolina. It contains a high content of malt and hops and is one of RJ Rockers’ highest gravity beers at 8.5% Abv.Black Perle2009A ninety minute “octo-hopped” dark India Pale Ale and is the first release of the company’s “Ales from the Dark Side” series. It is 9.5% AbvBuckwheat After Dark Ale – aka BAD Ale1997An American-style dunkelweizen which has become the company’s fall seasonal. It is unfiltered and 5.6% Abv.Buckwheat Ale1997An American-style hefeweizen or wheat ale. It is unfiltered and 5.5% Abv.Honey Amber Ale1997An American-style Amber ale that contains Clover Honey. It is 5.8% Abv.Light Rock Ale1997A light-bodied ale brewed in the tradition of a German Klsch and gold medal winner in the English-style Summer Ale category of the 2009 Great American Beer Festival. It is advertised at 119 calories and 4.5% Abv.Patriot Pale Ale1997An American pale ale hopped with Cascade and Challenger hops. It is considered the company’s flagship beer and is 5.9% Abv.Son of a Peach Wheat Ale2009A spring and summer seasonal created in 2009 and gold medal winner of the Fruit and Vegetable Beer category of the 2009 Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition. It is an unfiltered American wheat ale that uses both real South Carolina peaches and a natural peach extract. Its Abv is 5.8%.Star Spangled Stout1997An American stout that is brewed on a limited basis. It is 6.0% Abv.The First Snow Ale1997A spiced pale ale brewed during the winter season. It contains a blend of five spices and honey and is 6.0% Abv.Due to Johnsen’s service in the US Army as a Ranger, several of the beers by RJ Rockers carry patriotic names, i.e. Bald Eagle Brown Ale, Patriot Pale Ale and Star Spangled Stout. Locations SoldRJ Rockers currently has distribution in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. External linkscompany website References^ “Tasting RJ Rockers” November, 2000^ “Microbrewery”, 2009^ “He’s just a beer nut” Spartanburg Herald-Journal, August 18, 2004^ The New Brewer, “2008 Microbreweries”, May/June 2009^ Spartanburg Herald Journal “RJ Rockers Brewing Co. returning downtown”, February 13, 2009^ Spartanburg Herald Journal, “High-gravity beers still rare in area after state law makes them legal”, May 11, 2007^ Great American Beer Festival, “2009 GABF Winners”, September 26th, 2009 Categories: Beer brewing companies based in South Carolina | Companies based in South Carolina

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Some capped, but yet-to-be labeled bottles hit the line at Real Ale Brewing Company in Blanco, TX. During a visit to the brewery for my ‘Brewhouse Bulletin’ beer column for Hill Country Directions magazine ( focusing on their 2007 Sisyphus Barleywine. Respect beer!
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