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Singles ? Throw a Thanksgiving Day Dinner Party

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and you may be dreading the holiday. For single people who do not live near family, this can be one of the most depressing days of the year. Even if you’ve never been fond of Thanksgiving, no one wants to be alone on Thanksgiving.

How does a single person celebrate Thanksgiving? You could volunteer at a local soup kitchen, which is very admirable, but not a favorite choice for everyone. You could take up your co-worker on their offer to have you as a guest for their Thanksgiving dinner, although that can be awkward. You could pony up the money to visit your family, but that may not be an option everyone can afford.

The most festive option for a single person is to throw a party. Hosting a Thanksgiving Day party does require planning and preparation, but having a few close friends over is fun and makes the day a lot more fun.

A Thanksgiving party will be different than an average party in that you’ll want to create a cozy atmosphere. This is easy enough to do. If you have a dining room table, you’re in luck. Find a nice, small bouquet of autumn flowers at your local florist or market and use them as a centerpiece. If you don’t have a tablecloth, get a runner. Remember to use nice cloth napkins and napkin rings.


Another nice touch is to present your guests with fall theme party favors. You can also use them as decorations for the dinner table. It will also provide a conversation starter at the table. Ideas for fall theme party favors include fall leaf candleholder favors which add the brilliance of fall or autumn to your table. Leaf wine bottle openers make a great practical and unique party favors for your guests. Fall leaf design candle favors will color and warmth to the table setting. Personalized cappuccino and cocktail favors will serve to add a personal touch.  

If you don’t have a kitchen table (never fear – many single folks don’t) make sure there is ample seating room for your guests.

Another nice, homey touch is scented candles. You can buy them in just about any scent, but for today you’ll want to get some that are apple pie or cinnamon scented. It’ll probably be chilly outside, but you’ll want your guests to feel warm in your house or apartment.

If you have a fireplace, set a fire before everyone comes over. A fireplace is the best for creating a comfy atmosphere.

There are a million recipe web sites that will provide instructions on how to cook each Thanksgiving dinner dish. If you feel up to it, you could certainly buy the groceries and prepare the dinner. You could also ask each person attending your party to bring their favorite dish, but you should still prepare the turkey and/or ham.

You could ask one of your friends to help you prepare the dinner. It would be a great time to catch up, share cooking secrets, and have a good time.

With enough advance planning, you could get your Thanksgiving Day dinner catered. Better yet, you could order the entire dinner from your local supermarket and go pick it up. Safeway, Albertson’s, and other major grocery store chains that have delis usually offer Thanksgiving and holiday complete meals that can be ordered and picked up. Make sure you order enough for leftovers!

Not all great parties have alcohol but if your does, try some holiday beers or hot drinks. Samuel Adams, Alaskan Brewing Company, and several other brewing companies offer seasonal ales that would make your holiday party special. You can’t go wrong with a white or red wine. Hot cocoa and apple cider are traditional favorites. Don’t forget something for the designated drivers.

Remember, the most important part of hosting a Thanksgiving Day dinner party is to enjoy yourself. Don’t stress too much about how everything turns out and you’ll have a wonderful day.

S Canfield, owner of Accent the Party selling many different types and themes of unique wedding party favors, bridal shower favors and fall and winter party favors.

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