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EQ Brewing Guide How To Reach 200 Skill Making Beer and Wine in Everquest

The art of brewing beer and other alcoholic beverages is prized by all the races of Norrath. At least that is what the manual for Sony Online Entertainment’s popular Everquest game leads a player to believe. While trade skills do not exist to make a profit in Everquest, brewing is a fun skill that can be taken on groups or raids.

One word of caution should be given about a character drinking too much. The in-game effects of alcoholic beverages in Everquest are similar to the effects in real-life, although comsuming a lot drinks temporarily raises a character’s strength. Casters will find their mana reduced as alcohol impairs intelligence and wisdom. With that out of the way, the best thing to know is how to get started.

Where to Raise Brewing

An Everquest character who wants to raise brewing must do so in a city near a brew barrel. Most of the beginning ingredients can be purchased from a nearby vendor. Unlike other trade skills like tailoring or baking, there is no portable brewing device. (There are brew barrels placed in some outdoor zones like Cobalt Scar.) A list of recipes for brewing and all the other trade skills in Everquest can be found on EQ Traders.

What To Make To Raise Brewing Quickly

Making the following items will get an Everquest player to a brewing skill level of 200. Some recpies require casks, fortunately, casks can be bought at brewing supply vendors. The following list has been taken from Widgemaker Dremsmith’s Overview.

Bog Juice to 21
Short Beer to 31
Heady Kiola to 46
Short Ale to 51
Fish Wine to 62
Gnome Spirits to 101
Ol’Tuijins Fierce Brew to 135
Faydwer Shaker to 188
Minotaur Hero’s Brew to 200.
Trade Skills and Quests

Some Tailoring, tinkering, and blacksmithing recipes require items that can be made with the brewing trade skill. Some quests, such as the 10th Ring War, require an Everquest character to have a brewing skill of over 250.

Brewing, like cooking, is an easy skill to master and does not require a large investment of platinum to raise to maximum levels. Brewing may not be the best trade skill to make money from selling goods to other players, but it is one that will make a character popular on raids. Drinks and foods keep the raiders busy and well fed while waiting for raid instructions or for the loot drops. Casters, especially priests, should not be hitting the wine before the monk or bard pulls the mob to their group or raiding party.


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Written by Laratacita

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