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In recent years my wife has become less supportive of my love for beer due to the commercial cost and the current economic situation. My ingenious solution was, of course, to brew my own beer. This accomplished savings of over a ,000 a year, allowed me to customize the beer to my own personal taste, created a monthly event for me and my friends and brought my wife back on the wagon!

I started with a homebrew package that my wife purchased for nearly 0, I was very confused with the equipment and lack of directions; needless to say, the homebrew tasted horrible. I went online for a solution and stumbled across a set of tutorial videos. It was incredibly simple and easy to follow; the beer turned out delicious! Some of the items, I even had in my own home, and ended up throwing away half of the equipment my wife bought me in the expensive homebrew package.

All the work has been done for me.

My family and friends are knocking down my door offering to pay a 6 pick for my new batch of Imperial India Pale Ale. This has unlimited possibilities: you can make your own beer cheaply, sell it for a profit and even make it for your friends and family as gifts that they will cherish.

Check out my latest blog post below and for a free sample video on how to get started brewing your own beer and let me know if you have any problems with a comment and I’ll be glad to help.

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