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Home Brewing Beer: Drinking From Your Sweat And Tears

Article by Jacob Sikais

Home brewing beer is always personalized. The more effort you put into it, the better you savor your labor’s output. Plus, nothing beats the assurance that you know exactly what you are drinking. You know that if you cheated through the process you would only be fooling yourself so you make it as perfect as possible to liking.

Home brewing would allow you to think creatively. First, you decide what ingredients you would use – whether you stick to a kit’s directions, follow a friend’s advise or develop a recipe entirely your own is your call. But most likely, it is the last option which would allow you to get the most satisfaction of pouring yourself a mug beer produced by you and you alone.

However, some people are too lazy to want to go through the bother of worrying the beer making supplies, going through beer making kits, and learning the entire process of a home made beer. It is perhaps difficult to convert these people who want instant gratifications for their money. Home brewing beer after all is a labor of love, something you would do for the process as much as for the end product. As what a homebrew blogger stated, brewing is a relaxing process. It can be compared to enjoying fishing for the scenery and tranquility of the environment than for actually catching a fish.

Contrary to the idea that making your own brew is too taxing on your time, you can actually space it around your daily routines. If you have the luxury, you could spend an entire day concocting your brew. Of course, since it would require fermentation you couldn’t expect a mug of beer ready in just a couple of hours. However, some would brew their beers for several weeks or so. Those who do extract brewing, for example, may allot only a few hours in a week for their beer preparation. The idea that you have something to distract yourself with other than office work and other economic matters is quite comforting. Taking a minute or so to check on your beer is always a welcome distraction to a tiresome day of pure work. Some people would even go to the extent of doing age old ways of fermentation processes than resorting to the convenience of buying a fermenter.

This gets you out of the house for an exercise around shops, talking to the shop owners and learning more of the craft along the way, going home excited that you could create a perfect brew. It is much more interesting than going to the nearest grocery store to grab a pack of cans you would feed yourself while glued to the football on TV. Although it is quicker, you won’t get as much satisfaction as brewing your own. Home brewing beer might even be a good therapy to the worst couch potatoes if only they could begin to understand and appreciate it.

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