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Wii Homebrew: Morshu the MMMMMM v1

Morshu the MMMMMM v1 is blabla’s homebrewed action game for the Wii. Here, you play the character of Morshu from Link: Faces of Evil.

This is just version 1, but already, the developre warns that this game “contains strong language!” And since it’s coming out in French apart from the English version, you might have to say “Pardon my French”.

Anyway, here are the things you need to know about Morshu MMMMMM. First, the scenario, which blabla has condensed in bulleted form:


  • The Morshu MMMMMM is an action game where you have control of Morshu Link: faces of evil. 
  • Morshu and his followers seized the island of Korida to make money Ganon and wants to kill him. 
  • It sends Gwonam to capture the king but on his way, he finds Morshu. 
  • He wants to kill him but he forgets that only the king can kill him. 
  • A Gwonam to kill you and save the king! 


  • Use the arrow keys to move. 
  • Press B to roll the bomb. 
  • Press A to send a bomb into the air.



Here, check out how this action game plays out. And then after that, you can head over to our DL section to get more of these homebrewed goodness. Enjoy!






Download [Morshu the MMMMMM v1]

Via [Game Blabla]



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