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Wii “home brew” hack questions.?

Question by coderX: Wii “home brew” hack questions.?
So im going to use this hack:

Basically its just loading an SD card with a hack and installing home brew channel on your wii. Now my question is can this channel play my backed up Wind Waker Game Cube game with out crashes or glitches? Can I save my game in Wind Waker if it does work? Will I get banned for this channel???

My reasons for this channel are completely legal. My beloved Wind Waker game is too scratched to be played after years of wear and tear. Luckily, I had it backed up on my computer and I’m only seeking to use that ISO.
PS: What site do you recommend buying an SD card from?
I’m running on Windows 7 64 bit home basic.

Best answer:

Answer by Zed
The homebrew channel cannot play backups. To backup and play gamecube games you need a homebrew app called gamecube backup loader
To play Wii games use USB Loader GX
To play Wii Ware or Virtual console you need Wad Manager
All three of those applications run from your sd using the homebrew channel but you ill need ios 249 by Waninkoko (check out:
Other than that wad manager and gamecube backup loader (or maybe launcher instead of load not quite sure) should be easy to install but if you need more help just email me or google it.

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  1. USMCin2011

     /  August 27, 2011

    i would go with what that guy above me said ^ i use gamecube backup launcher and i think i had to do some kinda mios installer along with the 249 one, o and your probly gonna have to do the trucha bug restorer too.


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