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Why Throw A Beer Tasting Party?

Article by Marc Bayes

So why are you throwing a beer party? Well, the point of a party is to enjoy yourself amongst friends as well as meet new people. A typical party is thrown using the cheapest possible beer known to man in Red Plastic Cups!

Your Party will be a night to remember not just another drunken kegger.

So what kind of party is this? This is a craft beer tasting party! Instead of bringing a ton of cheap American (adjunct) lagers (Miller, Bud, Coors – MBC) which are massed produced Macro Brewery Crap (MBC) you’ll be bringing incredible, unique Craft Beer.

You’ll want to invite 4 or 5 friends and have each of them bring someone new. That starts your party off with 10 – 12 people. Each of you should bring 1 large format bottle (750ml’s and/or 22oz bombers) you’ll have 9-10 bottles that pour 2 to 4 glasses a bottle; plenty to go around!

The idea is to taste amazing beer from around the world. You want to turn your friends on to the best brews that exist, in a fun filled environment where you can meet new people, taste new beers, pair them with great food, laugh, and enjoy life. After the first party people are going to be hooked and so will you, so throw a party every two weeks or so; that will give everyone the time needed to plan and find a really cool beer and tell some more friends. In time your parties will evolve from everyone drinking great beers to something more. It will become an experience. Once you have a great foundation of friends that come and you have your cooking skills down, it’s time to move into Beer vs Wine parties. This is exactly the same as what you’ve been doing with two exceptions. First, you’ll be bringing wine. Second, you’ll need course out some food. The idea is to do multiple courses of food (think four to six) paired with great beer and great wine. Who will win? Only one way to tell! Beer versus Wine is a great way to take people from the wine world into the world of beer because guess what? Beer wins ten out of ten times. First however start with beer parties, then you can progress into beer versus wine parties!In no time you’ll be the place to go to on Friday or Saturday night, drinking some of the best Craft Beer in the world instead of paying for massed produced MBC at your local bar.

I am a certifed beer server at a major beer hall in Denver, Colorado.I am recognized as an expert author on Craft Beer. If you wish to learn moreabout Craft Beer and the movement then go to my website and sign up!

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