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what beer is the best?

Question by pRiSoN bOy: what beer is the best?
1. Budweiser
2. Bud Light
3. Bud Ice
4. Keystone Light
5. Rolling Rock Extra Pale
6. Miller High Life
7. Foster’s Lager
8. Shiner Bock
9. George Killian’s Irish Red
10. New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale
11. New Belgium Sunshine Wheat
12. New Belgium 1554 Brussels Style Black Ale
13. Samuel Adams Boston Lager
14. J.W. Dundee’s Original Honey Brown
15. Abita Turbo Dog
16. Paulaner Salvator Doppel Bock
17. Sapporo Original Draft Beer
18. Harp Lager
19. Bass & Co Pale Ale
20. Amstel Light
21. Corona Extra
22. Duvel
23. Corsendonk Pater/ Abbey Brown Ale
24. Grolsch Premium Lager
25. Theakston Old Peculier
26. Young’s Luxury Double Chocolate Stout
27. Young’s Oatmeal Stout
28. Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse
29. Red Stripe Jamaican Lager
30. Modelo Especial
31. Black Label – Pabst
32. Peroni Lager
33. Chimay Grande Réserve (Blue/Blauw)
34. Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout
35. Arrogant Bastard Ale
36. Maredsous 10
37. Unibroue La Fin Du Monde
38. Lone Star, The National Beer of Texas
39. New Belgium Blue Paddle Pilsener Lager
40. Vino’s Firehouse Pale Ale
41. Vino’s Six Bridges Cream Ale
42. * Chimay Cinq Cents (White/Whit)
43. * Chimay Première (Red/Rood)
44. Ace Pear Cider
45. Natural Light
46. Newcastle Brown Ale
47. Dos Equis Special Lager
48. Red Hook ESB
49. * Anchor Porter
50. Red Hook Hefe-Weisse
51. * Unibroue Maudite
52. Fuller’s ESB
53. * Unibroue 11
54. * Delirium Tremens
55. * Celebrator Doppelbock
56. Rogue American Amber Ale
57. Negra Modelo
58. Shiner Hefe-Weizen
59. * Abita Purple Haze
60. * Unibroue Trois Pistoles
61. Shiner Summer Stock
62. * Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale
63. Milwaukee’s Best Light
64. Shiner Blonde
65. Anchor Liberty Ale
66. * Anchor Steam Beer
67. * New Belgium Trippel Belgian Style Ale
68. Coors Original
69. Pyramid Hefeweizen
70. Ziegenbock Amber
71. Heineken Lager Beer
72. * Full Moon Pale Rye Ale – Real Ale Brewing Co.
73. Belhaven Scottish Ale
74. Unibroue Blanch de Chambly
75. Anchor Old Foghorn
76. Celis White – Michigan Brewing Company
77. Pilsner Urqeull
78. Boddington’s Pub Ale
79. Rogue Dead Guy Ale
80. Maredsous 8
81. New Belgium Loft Beer
82. Ruedrich’s Red Seal Ale
83. Saint Arnold Amber Ale
84. Murphy’s Irish Amber (Now Irish Red)
85. Celis Pale Bock – Michigan Brewing Company
86. Hornsby’s Draft Cider
87. Alaskan Amber
88. Brewhouse Brown Ale – Real Ale Brewing Co.
89. New Belgium Porch Swing Single Ale
90. Saint Arnold Oktoberfest
91. * Rio Blanco Pale Ale – Real Ale Brewing Co.
92. * Paulaner Hefe-Weizen
93. * Saint Arnold Brown Ale
94. Guinness Draught
95. Kirin Ichiban
96. Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery Pale Ale
97. Unibroue Don de Dieu
98. Saint Arnold Kristall Weizen
99. New Belgium Abbey Belgian Style Ale
100. Cambridge Brewing Company’s Cambridge Amber
101. Blue Moon Belgian White
102. Beck’s
103. Samuel Adams Boston Ale (Stock Ale)
104. Pabst Blue Ribbon
105. Magic Hat #9
106. Harpoon UFO Hefeweizen
107. Miller Lite
108. Dos Equis Amber
109. Bare Knuckle Stout
110. * Cambridge Brewing Company’s “The Wind Cried Mari…” Scottish Heather Ale
111. John Harvard’s Harvest Spice Ale
112. John Harvard’s Colonial Kölsch
113. John Harvard’s Pale Ale
114. John Harvard’s Oktoberfest
115. John Harvard’s Newtowne Nutbrown Ale
116. John Harvard’s Irish Dry Stout
117. Samuel Adams Octoberfest
118. Harpoon IPA
119. Pete’s Wicked Ale
120. Cambridge Brewing Company’s Charles River Porter
121. Cambridge Brewing Company’s Red God IPA
122. Cambridge Brewing Company’s Great Pumpkin Ale
123. Unibroue Éphémère Pomme
124. * Delirium Nocturnum
125. New Belgium Frambozen Raspberry Brown Ale
126. Bohemia – Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, S.A. de C.V.
127. Bavaria Beer
128. Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale 2003-2004
129. Harpoon Winter Warmer 2003-2004
130. Bombardier English Premium Ale
131. John Harvard’s Loki’s Winter Wheat
132. Guinness Extra Stout
133. Smithwick’s Authentic Irish Ale
134. * Unibroue La Terrible
135. Rock Bottom Brewery’s Liquid Happiness
136. Samuel Adams Weiss Bier
137. * Unibroue 10
138. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
139. Cambridge Brewing Company’s Tripel Threat Belgian Style Strong Ale
140. Cambridge Brewing Company’s Benevolence
141. Harpoon Hibernian Style Ale
142. John Harvard’s Celtic Irish Red
143. John Harvard’s Saint Arnold’s Abbey Ale
144. Allagash White
145. Harpoon Munich Dark
146. Paulaner Original Münchner
147. Smuttynose Portsmouth Lager
148. Long Trail Hit The Trail Ale
149. Allagash FOUR
150. Brooklyn Brown Ale
151. Rogue Brutal Bitter Ale
152. The People’s Pint Spring IPA
153. * Hennepin
154. Magic Hat’s Kerouac
155. Buzzard’s Bay Pale Ale
156. * Lindeman’s
i dident find it i typed all of this believe it or not

Best answer:

Answer by Matt
Becks- 24 oz bottles rule

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  1. mark

     /  August 3, 2011

    Oddly, you’re missing my favorite. Saranac. Specifically Saranac IPA.

  2. short and to the point

     /  August 3, 2011

    the one you like the best. tastes vary.


     /  August 3, 2011

    Where did you find this list?

    Not an easy choice.

    23. Corsendonk Pater/ Abbey Brown Ale

  4. TexHabsfan

     /  August 3, 2011

    My top 10 among those you listed:
    Chimay blue, Arrogant Bastard Ale, La Fin Du Monde, Duvel, Chimay white, Maudite, Pilsner Urquell, Negra Modelo, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Kirin Ichiban

    My top 5:
    Arrogant Bastard Ale, La Fin Du Monde, Maudite, Negra Modelo, Chimay white

    My top 2:
    Maudite, Chimay white

    The winner:

  5. J G

     /  August 3, 2011

    Your question is about the best beer, not the best tasting beer. Taste is subjective and while a beer might receive bountiful top ratings, it could also receive average or below average ratings.

    If you are looking for the beer that started it all, then Pilsner Urquell (#77), receives a nod from me because of the innovation and history behind the beer. Read this snub from Wiki:

    As its name claims (“original source” is the meaning of both “Urquell” in German and of “Prazdroj” in Czech); it is the world’s original pilsener, or golden beer. Most popular lagers produced in the rest of the world are based upon this original beer. [2] Many beers that call themselves a pilsner, pilsener or pils refer to being made in the style of this beer, first brewed by Josef Groll on 5 October 1842. The Bavarian brewer had been hired by local citizens who had founded the Bürgerbrauerei (Burghers’ brewery, M?š?anský pivovar in Czech).

    However, the best thing you can do is to start a database and taste each beer over a given period of time. Write down what you think about it and move onto the next beer. Expensive, time consuming, yes, but then you will find YOUR best beer.

    Or visit: for more indepth critiques.



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