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The Rise in Popularity of Beer Games at Parties

Article by Derek Reed

For any party, which begs to have a crazy side to it, must include beer and lots of it. Over the years, it has become the norm in the western university culture to consume lots of beer. Fresher’s week, fraternities, sororities, various university clubs, varsity teams and many important university events have made drinking beer an integral part of their events. Besides this, private get-together’s, like bachelor or Super Bowl parties, also involve lots of beer.

However, it’s not just the beer that makes these parties ‘crazy’ or memorable. It is essentially what goes on in the party and increasingly these parties involve beer games making it more fun. Games such as beer pong, beer bonging, flip cup etc. are a few games which are very popular. Beer pong is one of the most popular American college beer games. However, to play this game you need a pong table especially made for this purpose. In order to have an exciting game, there are some characteristics of beer pong tables that should be focused on as important. Beer pong tables should be easy to clean, lightweight, durable and able to be taken anywhere as drinking games are played for convenience. Over the years custom made beer pong tables have become the centre of attraction for college parties. Many varieties of pong tables with different themes are now readily available in the market. The top eight categories are:1. Billiards & Games Room

2. Classic Designs

3. College Favorites

4. Flags & Pride

5. High Definition Graphics

6. Leaf Designs

7. Sexy Designs

8. Sports & TailgateFor amateurs, beer pong games and rules to beer pong are easily available online to get started. Also, drinking game logs can be grabbed to help make games instructions easy to understand.

Another major beer game is beer bonging which involves the use of various beer bongs. Beer bongs are custom made flasks or funnels that force people to drink lots of beer at once, thus allowing more people to get drunk is less amount of time (the entire idea of a beer party!). Bongs with double heads and quad heads are the most common ones used. However, there are bongs with multiple heads, usually referred to as bongzillas, also used at parties. Therefore, to make any beer party successful it is a must to have beer games and their accessories. These are usually inexpensive and yield great results for the host.

With an increased craze for drinking games, it has become equally important for the event organizers to give special attention to the theme of the event. It is because the participants of such events give higher importance to the harmonizing party props that are used during the game play of drinking as it adds more excitement and hype to the game. Picture having a basketball designed beer pong table to play on after watching the NBA finals. How cool would that be?

Seemingly, it has become the norm for young adults to play beer games to enjoy many different social events. Whether it’s a beer pong game being played or beer bonging being done, beer games are fun essentials to all parties. So join in the fun! Add a customized beer pong table to your themed party today. See how much more fun your guests will have with props harmonizing with the theme of your party. There are many sites that have beer pong accessories available but be sure to search for those important characteristics or the trending top eight categories to be sure you find a fashionable table to fit your party needs.

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