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Isn’t it time for a new beer industry category?

Question by RADICAL BREWING: Isn’t it time for a new beer industry category?
It is time for a Craft-Mega segment of the beer industry. Many of the smaller brewers have really grown so much that they now produce well over a million barrels a year, use television and other forms of advertisement, and no longer represent the small guy-brewer. Brewers such as Boston Brewing Co, Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, and others have just grown too big to be called craft or microbrewery and this especially is true because of the continued up start operations of very small (less than 5,000 barrels/yr) brewers every year. It is now time to call them Craft-Mega brewers.

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Answer by Noncomplicance
This is a very good idea. The time has come for the craft industry to realize that they are the new generation of mega brewers. The category for the reasons you have stated is a great idea a very needed one.

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  1. I AM COOL

     /  August 28, 2011

    I wonder if it really matters for us, the beer drinkers. But for the industry and economic people it may be helpful. Going by what you say it could be something that is needed as you say. It does seem strange to say it but it works.


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