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Info on Beer Pong Tables

Article by Bonnie Bennett

Beer parties or a Kegger as they are called are a huge rage these days among one and all. After a long and tiring week, a Beer party is the best way that the young people of today are using as means to unwind and let go. On top of it, add a Beer Pong Table to it and the party is well on its way to being a grand affair! There are still quite a number of people who are not very familiar with the concept of a such a Table and through this article I intend to provide them all the necessary information regarding the idea of a Beer Pong Table, its types and features and some of its most important aspects.

What is a Beer Pong Table? It is basically a drinking game that requires 2 teams, a flat table, around six beer glasses on each side of the table and of course the beer. The game has 2 teams of maximum 6 players each with multiple cups arranged in a triangular fashion on each side of the table. You are required to throw the ping pong balls into the glasses and the losing team needs to consume all the beer remaining in the winning team’s mugs. There are a number of innovative tables available nowadays. There are the snow tables, which is made by hand and also has cup holders so that your beer remains nice and cold while you play. The game itself can get quite messy sometimes. The reason is when the ping pong balls are thrown into the cups full of beer; it can go splashing all over the table and the floor. There are accessories that can go along with the tables to keep things a little bit cleaner. There are tables that you can buy that have a special coating on them to keep the mess under control and easy clean up.

Types and features of a Table The tables used for this game can vary a great deal depending upon person to person and their very own innovative ways of playing the game. In other words custom made Beer Pong Tables are quite common these days. The variations can range from having illuminated tables like the Greens table which has a backlight, tables of different color shapes and sizes and for those with space as a constraint factor in their houses can have folding transportable tables as well. Some home made solutions can also act as a great substitute for the original ones like Foosball tables converted into beer pong tables, with a glass cover on the top so that you could use it for both Foosball and well as beer pong. The normal daily wooden tables can also be used for this game if you are looking for a more heavy option. I have also seen the surfboard table in which is a surfboard that has been converted into a table which makes a very interesting play. On a professional made beer pong table there is a nice vinyl top. Some even come with a non-slip area were you rack the cups. Some other important features of a portable beer pong table are ball holders. This is good because you know as well as I do that balls always end up misplaced or missing.

Most Important aspects of a Beer Pong Table Getting a good quality beer pong table is very important if you like to play beer pong and if you don’t want to end up becoming sick due to the germs being spread around to everyone playing the game and drinking at the same time. This happens when people are handling the ping pong balls and at the same time falling on the dirty floor. It is a known fact in a beer pong game that when the playing surface gets rough the game becomes more challenging. There are some basic ways that players of this game can take precautions and still have fun. When the ping pong ball gets thrown into a cup of beer, you can have a separate cup of beer to drink from so the germs don’t spread around. This is a great way to avoid the germs and still be able to hang out around the beer pong tables with friends and have fun playing the game. A nice game in a clean and germ free environment is what all of us want, isn’t it?

Thus we can conclude that Beer pong is the new in thing in all basement parties now and the most important aspect of this game is the beer pong table for which the options are endless. Some important factors like general hygiene while playing the game has to be kept in mind. But most importantly, this is a fun game and one has to play it at least once to know the thrill that comes out of this game!!

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