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A Fun Outdoor Party Game ? Beer Frisbee

For a low cost and fun outdoor party game, try beer Frisbee. It can be played as either a drinking or non drinking game. Here are some rules and how to set up and score the game.

To setup a game, you need to get 2 posts, pipes or ski poles planted in the ground about 30 feet apart. They should also be at chest height. You normally place an empty beer bottle on top of each pole.

The object of the game is to have teams set up whose goal is to throw a Frisbee at the beer bottle and try to knock it off the pole. The opposing team tries to defend the goal. When one team throws the Frisbee at the beer bottle, the objective is to knock it off the pole.

The opposing team is supposed to prepared to catch the Frisbee if it cannot knock the beer bottle off the pole and continues to sail past the pole. If the team is unable to catch the Frisbee, then the other team scores points.

However the Frisbee must be thrown within a catchable area. That is, it cannot be lower than knee high of the opposing player at the place where it crosses the fault line (the line set by the pole).

And it can’t be thrown too high such that the other player can’t catch it because it is too high for him to jump at it. And it can’t be more than one step away from the pole or it would be too wide a throw. If the throw is outside of the catchable area, it is considered a scratch of out of bounds throw. There are no points awarded and the next player must continue.

For scoring, a winning score is based on 21 points. The scoring is set up as follows:

– Zero Points – A uncatchable throw is made

– One Point – The Frisbee is thrown in the catchable zone but the opposing team is unable to catch it

– Two Points – The thrown Frisbee hits the pole and knocks the bottle off. However neither the Frisbee nor the bottle are caught

– Three points – The Frisbee hits the bottle knocking it off the pole.

Both the Frisbee and the bottle are not caught There are some variations to these rules if the game is set up as a drinking game. However the overall game play and scoring is pretty much the same.

Dave Roth runs the site, a resource site devoted to the game of cornhole. The site features rules, building dimensions, and cornhole bags and boards.

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